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Happy Desi Rooster Chicken

What Does it Mean to be Happy?

 Our Happy Desi Chickens are provided the best environment and freedom to thrive all through their lifespan. Their Happiness and Comfort comes before anything else. We make sure to put the “Free” in Free-Range.


Happy Desi Chicken Benefits

Tender Chicken

Tender, Juicy and Scrumptious Meat We provide tender Desi Meat that is easy to cook and great to enjoy for the whole family! Why? Our Roosters are raised Young in an Organic and Free-Range Environment for 16-18 weeks before they are ready for Meat Consumption. No more tough meat like conventional Desi Chicken. Enjoy Fresh, Organic, Desi Meat, that is tender and delicious too!

Delivered Fresh Everyday

We deliver your your order to your doorstep within 24 hours of delivery. Our Chicken is slaughtered, washed and dried, and processed keeping in mind the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

Great Source of Lean Protein

Our Roosters are the best source of natural, lean protein. They are bred in the most natural environment and with the Most Natural Diet.

Free-Range and Organic

Our Chickens pasture and roam 20 Acres of Beautiful Land Area, and their Organic Diet is supplemented with Fruits, Vegetables, and Insects and Vegetation they scourge from our Farm-Land. Individual Attention is what makes our Flocks stand out

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

Our Organic Desi Meat is Packed with Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamins A,C and Iron. It packs a great nutrition punch!

Cooks Great For Any Dish

No More Worries on Desi Meat Restrictions- Our Desi Chicken is Great for all Your Needs of Pulao, Karahi, Korma, Soups, Broths (Yakhnis), Pastas, Noodles, BBQs and Many More

What We Feed Our Chicken

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Meat Weight and Content?

We provide 900g-1kg Meat Weight Content for Our Customers. It is Delivered Fresh within 24 Hours of Placing Orders straight to your doorstep. That is Approximately 35% More Meat Weight than the Market Desi Chicken

How is Your Meat so Tender?

We Raise Young Roosters to the age of 16-18 Weeks before they are ready to be Slaughtered. Their Young Age, Organic Diet and Free-Range Environment of 20 Acres is what gives them the tender taste that our customers all love!

What is the Price?

Our Price is 1900PKR/Whole Chicken. This includes 900g-1kg Cleaned Meat Weight. Delivery is also Free Straight to your doorstep. This is very competitive with Market Rates, as Desi Chicken found in the market is hardly 700-800 g of Meat Weight, and they charge seperately for delivery. There is also a lack of transparency as you don’t know the age of the chicken, the kind of diet it was given and the environment it was raised in. Organic, Free-Range, and Great Taste with Fast Delivery: Our Price is a real Value for our customers. We also frequently announce discounts and special packages for our customers so be on the lookout for those .

What is Your Chicken Diet?

We provide our Chickens an all-natural diet of Seasonal Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains. Because they are Free-Range, our chickens supplement their diet with insects, larvae, and vegetation found in our farm-land. We are also starting to grow our own vegetables on our farm specifically for our Chickens so they will have access to acres of Spinach and Alfalfah. 

What are Your Chicken Living Conditions?

Our Chickens Roam Freely in 20 Acres of Beautiful Farm-Land set under the foothills of the Punjab and KPK border in Jharikas. They enjoy Dust Baths, Exploring, and Socializing with one another.


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