Caramel Egg Pudding – Eva-Anna Agro and Livestock Farms
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1/3 cup sugar
6 large Eva Anna Eggs
3 glass milk
2 tbsp Vanilla essence
2 tbsp Lemon juice


  1. Take 6 large Eva Anna Eggs Break the eggs in a bowl. Whisk them in a bowl and set a side
  2. Boil 3 glasses of milk. Put Half of the sugar 3/4 cup. Set aside to cool down

How to make the caramel sauce
Put 3/4 cup of sugar in a pan and add lemon juice in it. Add 3/4 cup of water. Keep it on high heat. DO NOT STIR.
After 8-10 mins, the sugar will melt and color will change to brown
Take it in a glass bowl. Spread it all around the bottom. Set a aside to cool down

When the milk comes to room temp. Add the eggs and 2 tbsp of Vanilla essence. Beat them
When the pan with caramel sauce comes to room temp. Add the milk mixture to it

Water Bath:
In a big pan. Pour water and keep it on high heat for the preparation of water bath
When the water is boiling insert your glass bowl in the water bath and cover your glass bowl with air tight lid.
Cover the utensils of water bath with the air tight lid
Keep on high flame
It will take 40-50 mins for the pudding to be ready and the knife come out clean when you Dip it in the pudding
When the caremal pudding is ready. Take it out from the water bath and keep it in the fridge till it cool
When the pudding is ready toss it upsidedown in your serving dish
Your yummy cold yummy eggs pudding in ready to eat

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