About us – Eva-Anna Agro and Livestock Farms
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Eva and Anna represent the new generation of bright young leaders of the world. Our company core values strive to provide the best sustainable and quality food, produce and innovative technologies that will have a positive impact on their livelihood and the planet they live in.

Eva-Anna Farms deals with the following products for our valued customers:

(1) Organic Free-Range Desi Chicken 

(2) Organic Free Range Desi Eggs

(3) Pesticide Free Hydroponic Cherry Tomatoes, Colored Capsicum (Coming Soon)

(4) Plant Power- A Ready To Use Liquid Garden Fertilizer for Pots, Flowers, Indoor Plants, and Kitchen Gardens (Coming Soon)

Partnerships :

We are also the exclusive distributors for Responsive Drip Irrigation (USA) and Ecologel Solutions (USA). These products were introduced to combat the serious water crisis and yield challenges Pakistan faces in the agriculture sectorResponsive Drip Irrigation is the first and only plant responsive, state-of-the-art irrigation system which responds directly to root exudation signals given by the plant, thereby providing the plant with exactly the amount of it water it needs to thrive in its lifetime.Both water saving and yield increasing products are currently working closely with us and the National Agriculture Research Council for testing purpose, before we do a major roll out for the rest of the country