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Rawalpindi , DHA , Bahria Town Orders will be delivered once roads open!

Spinach and Cheese omelette

4 Eva Anna Eggs Olive Oil 4 tbsp Salt halt tbsp Red Chili powder half tbsp Chopped Onions 1 small Chopped tomato 1 Green chili 1 Chopped Spinach half a cup Cheese 2 slices/any of your choice Steps Beat the eggs till frothy Put all the spices in it and all the veges Put oil…

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Fried Egg

Take 1 or 2 Happy Desi Eggs 1 tbsp olive oil salt to taste Freshly ground black pepper Steps Put oil in small non-stick pan over medium heat Crack egg into pan and pinch the salt according to your taste Cook egg for 3 minutes or until white is set Remove from pan and serve…

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Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

4 Happy Eva Anna Farms Eggs 2-3 tbsp oil Quarter tbsp salt Half tbsp black pepper crushed Half cup milk Steps 1.Blend the Eggs with milk and beat them throughly for 2 3 mins till we get the good froth Pour the oil in a non stick pan over medium heat for a min Then…

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